More Books, Less Space: My Journey from the Library to the Kindle Touch

I have a confession to make… I really enjoy reading books.  So I have a decent  library. Ok, actually it’s kind of big. Not too big, but big enough… Well let’s just say that in one of the offices that has my books, we will never have to worry about wall paper.

I’m sure that if we got into a library measuring contest that some of you would put me to shame, but in my estimation and compared to your average reader… it’s a lot!  In fact I hate to actually say this in a public forum, I counted my assets in how many books I owned (I know used books don’t sell for much, but that didn’t stop me from getting an extra insurance policy on them).

So then the kindle followed by the nook and I-pad came along and started ruining my day. All the sudden it seemed possible for someone to have volumes of books that could be readily accessed at the touch of a button or screen. Or even better someone could mention a book and you could look it up right then. The only draw back was… well … it wasn’t a book. There is just something about that new book smell and the feel of the pages in your hands. Am I the only one that feels this way?

Recently I figured out that this e-book stuff isn’t going away and so I determined that I should try and get on board so I got a Kindle Touch for Christmas. The idea of having the same copy of a book I am reading available on multiple devices and the idea of throwing 3500 books into briefcase and being able to carry it are really what swayed me. Now that I have the device… I love being able to see how many other readers have highlighted a section of a book, doing a word search on a book, and even being able to post a passage to twitter or facebook.

I’m still not a convert, but now that I have a device in my hand it’s becoming easier to envision a day when I have instant access to more books and have to worry less about shelf space.

So what about you? Have you made the transition from books to an e-reader yet? What moved you forward or is holding you back? What are some features you like or don’t like about your e-reader?

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