100 Books in 2018

What is your Goal?

I am constantly reading. My goal for the last several years has been to read 100 books in a year! I’ll be updating this page weekly to let you know what I’m reading, what I’ve read, and how far I have left to go to reach my goal. Unlike years past, I will be starting and ending on the calendar year Jan- Dec of 2018.

What types of books will you be reading?

All sorts of books! Do you have a recommendation? I’ll be reading lots on theology/ Christianity due to my calling as a pastor. I will also be reading books on economics, biology, astronomy, geology, psychology, ethics, philosophy, leadership, various kinds of fiction, as well as history and biography. My interests are extremely varied. At times I will pick up an issue and read several books to better inform my thoughts.


Do you recommend every book you read? 

I do NOT recommend every book I read. I don’t want my thoughts clouded by only one side of an argument so often times I will read books and authors I completely disagree with in order to better understand their thought process and where they are coming from. I will rate the books I’ve read on a 5 star basis. (5 = very well written, 1 = Don’t waste your time). There may be a few books that are very well written, but I disagree with the author in a major way. In those cases the book may receive a high rating, but will have the word “FOIL” written beside it.  If I post a review on here I’ll share the link.

What’s the most important book I will read this year?

Hand’s down, the Bible. I usually read it cover to cover at least once a year. If you only read one book, read the Bible.  I believe everyone should read the Bible because it contains the word of life, but I challenge even skeptics to read the Bible because so much of our Western thought process has been borrowed from this Eastern book.

How will you be able to read so many books? 

I’ve written on this before. Check out these blog articles:

How long does it take you to read through a single book?

Usually it takes weeks, if not months. Due to a mild learning disability I seldom read straight through a book. I usually read a chapter or two and switch books. My brain processes the information better when I have several books going at once. Occasionally I have read a single book in an evening.

  1. The Word Became Fresh – Dale Ralph Davis (160 Pages), Preaching, Bible Study, Old Testament – 5+ Stars
  2. Understanding Gender Dysphoria – Mark A Yarhouse (191 Pages), Religion, Sexuality, Psychology, Academic – 5 Stars (I’m not in 100% agreement with the author’s conclusions, but the book is extremely well written)
  3. A Transgender’s Faith – Walt Heyer (168 Pages), Biography, Religious, Transgender – 4 Stars
  4. God and the Transgender Debate – Andrew T. Walker ( 144 Pages), Theology, Ethics, Sexuality and Gender – 3 Stars
  5. Your Best Year Ever – Michael Hyatt (272 Pages), Business & Money, Finance, Leadership – 5 Stars
  6. Pastoral Visitation – David Searle & David Short (144 Pages), Christian Books, Church Leadership, Pastoral Resources – 4 Stars
  7. Two Girls Down – Louisa Luna (320 Pages), Mystery, Crime, Kidnapping – 5+ Stars
  8. Steal Away Home – Matt Carter & Aaron Ivey (304 Pages), Christian Living, Preaching and Evangelism, Historical Fiction – 4 Stars
  9. Love Thy Body – Nancy Pearcey (336 Pages), Religious Studies, Social Issues, Apologetics, Christian Ethics – 5+ Stars
  10. Preaching that Moves People – Yancey Arrington (172 Pages), Religion, Evangelism, Preaching -4.5 Stars
  11. Making All Things New: Restoring Joy to the Sexually Broken – David Powlison (128 pages), Counseling, Christian Living, Religion and Spirituality, – 5 Stars
  12. I Am Going – Daniel Aken & Bruce Ashford (160 Pages), Religion & Spirituality, Missions & Missions work, Evangelism – 4.5 Stars

Thanks for Checking in. I will be updating weekly by Saturday afternoon, so feel free to bookmark this page and come back often!

What books would you recommend for my reading list? Feel Free to Comment and let me know!

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